Highest Volume trading Bonus

Is there a mechanism or way to allow projects to give the daily/weekly/monthly highest volume trader of a certain currency a bonus or award??

Never heard about such a thing in Bisq.

Does some exchanges have such a mechanism ?

Centralized exchanges absolutely do, and many use this to increase visibility.

It would be awesome for Bisq to create this functionality by each project/token having a global address that could be used to deposit funds into that would be distributed based on the highest trade volume by any single user each week.

There is a special repo in Bisq’s github where you can make proposals:

If you have a precise description of what you imagine and feel it could really be interesting for Bisq, you can try to make a proposal.

Is it the same process if I am willing to fund the work?

I don’t think there is a way currently to know how many trades a trader had.

It is a privacy feature, so if we don’t need to sacrifice that then we probably shouldn’t.

Identifying this should be doable without knowing anything but the address? There are zkp’s that can accomplish this as well. If implemented correctly, would be a good way to increase use on the platform.