Hotfix release 0.5.3

Hotfix release for fixing problems with the application directory on Linux.

Release notes:

  • The change of the application name from “bisq” to “Bisq” caused a change of the application directory as well. That caused on Linux that users wallet and data have been in the “bisq” and the app creates a new “Bisq” folder. To fix that we rename the application directory from “bisq” to “Bisq” if “Bisq” did not exist. If both already existed (if user has run 0.5.2.) we rename “Bisq” to “Bisq_backup” and “bisq” to “Bisq” assuming that the app dir with the current wallet and data was"bisq" from version 0.5.1. If case the user used the wallet and data now in “Bisq_backup” he has to move the folders content manually to the “Bisq” folder.

Sorry guys…


Thanks for the quick fix @ManfredKarrer. I downloaded and unpacked 0.5.2 over 0.5.1, but didn’t run. Unpacking 0.5.3 again over 0.5.2 worked fine and I see my wallet, orders etc.

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