How about increasing liquidity with

Without analyzing this too deeply. It seems to me possible to create some kind of bot that could automate transactions among cryptocurrencies and tap onto the liquidity of

Perhaps other crypto markets as well.

This won’t work for fiat because most banks and fiat services don’t have api’s.

But with crypto volume, we probably can attract more traders, who in turn might bring liquidity to the fiat angle.

And grow our community.

For the sake of clarity, I think it best to do this from a user perspective. in other words, a trader account should do this ontop of Bitsquare, i don’t necessarily mean that we should build it into the network.

Have a look into interactive brokers’ trader work station, it has an api which one could facilitate to place hedge trades in the fx markets (fiat) resp. hedge portfolio.

Ah, that’d be something to look into.