How can I get a virtual currency anonymously?

I don’t have a virtual currency, so I want to know how to get a virtual currency anonymously. The necessary points are as follows.
・ No identity verification
・ I do not want to use ATM
・ You do not need a bank account
I would like to be there if possible (does not matter)
・ Buyer, exchange with onion domain accessible via Tor
・ We can purchase with prepaid cards. Things you can buy near you (Amazon gift certificates, Google cards, etc.)

I am not sure about the cash deposit payment method in Bisq, but I think you don’t need to have a bank account to deposit cash into someone’s bank account. Hopefully you don’t need ID either, but I have no idea and it probably depends on the bank.

Most anonymous option in Bisq is face-to-face method. You can post an offer to buy BTC with F2F payment method, but you will need someone to be in your area in order to get any takers on your offer.

All trades require a bitcoin security deposit in Bisq. If you don’t have any bitcoins, that will be a problem. You need to either ask a friend to lend you some BTC, if some of your friends deal with cryptocurrency.

PS: You can also earn your bitcoins. Bisq DAO is one of the ways you can earn crypto anonymously.

I can not use it because I do not have Bitcoin? If so, how can I buy Bitcoin from there?

You can only buy more bitcoin on Bisq. You can’t buy your first bitcoin by only using Bisq.

How can I buy at first?

you can only buy 0.01 btc anyway, use something else.

Try They seem to require no security deposit from traders.

You can’t buy it with Bisq, that is for sure.
You will either have to look for localbitcoin ads, try another exchange, use a Bitcoin ATM or ask a friend to lend you some for your first trade. Either way, Bisq does require some BTC in order to operate and there is no way around it, I’m afraid.

You can buy as much as you want, just new users can’t buy more than 0.01 BTC in a same trade, currently, if they are using fiat payment methods. This should be fixed in a new release when new security measures come to Bisq.