How can I launch Bisq on Linux

Edit: Solution - run /opt/Bisq/Bisq from the terminal. Thanks @Homard

Kind of a Linux noob here. So I downloaded the .deb file for my ubuntu and installed it. Now I do not know how to open it. I would press the “windows” button on my keyboard and type bisq, but this does not work as I am connected via VNC.

I have several folders (example the .local/share/BISQ) but I do not find anything to launch.

Can somebody help?

Open a terminal (it’s in Application/System tools), and type Bisq.

Or, in Applications/Others, you should find the Bisq appli.
Just click on it.

Command not found

When I go to “Ubuntu Softwares” under “installed” I find “bisq” but I can only remove it

Try /opt/Bisq/Bisq in the terminal.
It is where the executable is, at least on my Debian.

EDIT2: I uninstalled the package and installed it again. Now it works :slight_smile: Thanks!

With all the installation and uninstallation of the Bisq via .deb or “ubuntu softwares” (which is I think community updated), I have a lot of folders lying around. I wanted to delete everything except the current version.

Where is the Account information with running trades etc. stored? I want to delete everything except the current version and the folder with all the wallet / trade info

On Linux, Bisq account informations is stored under ./local/share/Bisq.
Please be careful, your wallets are in this directory.
So don’t delete it !

When you install Bisq, it installs over the old version.
So, normally you should have nothing to delete.

You have 2 machines if I understand well ?

Ok thanks! Yes, I got a linux laptop and a linux server in my home. Since BISQ needs to be up all the time I run it over my server machine

Take care not to launch simultaneously both Bisq applis with the same account.
Otherwise there will likely be a mess.

yes, will only run it on one machine! Unfortunately it seems that the workload is rather high of Bisq and my little server (i7 8gb RAM) uses the fan pretty intensely rather often - might not be willing to run Bisq 24/7

If you didn’t launch Bisq since some time, then it will need also some time to sync.
Especially now than the DAO exists also, and involves also its own sync.
So your CPU and fan will turn a bit. That’s normal.
Once this is done, it will be more calm.

PS: you only need to have Bisq always running if you’re a maker and want your offers to be published.
If you are just a taker, verifying things from time to time is enough.