How Can I support or provide Coin full node?


Thanksful news to us, Our TEO Coin has PR submitted.
So, How can have a channel for support Coin Node ?
We have ready to provide node server or any other technical support for our coin.

Thanks. a lot.

The best channel and also the best help is the market itself.
Make offers, take offers, etc.
If core contributors don’t do that, expect absolutely nobody else to do it.

Yes we will do advertise channel, but how can we support node upgrade or node server providing?
We can ready to do.

Each Bisq client is a node of the Bisq P2P network.
So simply running an up to date Bisq client is already a help for the network.
So just run several.
And, of course an open Bisq client is also necessary to trade.


OK I see.
Can you indicator more detailed documents link?
And then I’ll make multiple bisq client on our node server.


Bisq doesn’t have a blockchain by itself (it works with the bitcoin blockchain).
And atm the network is in good health, growing.
There is no great need for running clients just for running.

I’ll repeat it for the last time, from the experience of the dozens of delisted altcoins from Bisq:
if the core contributors of an altcoin don’t see an interest in running a Bisq client to trade their own altcoin, then expect nobody else to do this effort. And your altcoin will join the rest of Bisq’s cemetary.

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