How do I add a Bitcoin wallet?

I know that Bitsqare greatly dislikes new users.

How do I add my own wallet?

I see in tutorials its got “Cryptocurrency Accounts” button which is conspicuously absent on my app, no doubt because I am a NEW user.

How do make it so bitsquare works and I can add my own wallet, so that I can fulfill my dream of owning Bitcoin, its such a basic feature, I feel so stupid for asking. Its definetely because I am a NEW user.

yes we hate new users. dont use bitsquare :slight_smile:

please be a bit more clearer what you are trying to achieve?

bitsquare has its own bitcoin internal bitcoin wallet based on bitcoinj library and its in the main app/screen…
the bitcoin wallet/account is not in the account/altcoin accounts section.
if you want to receive bitcoin, go to funds -> deposit funds and there you should see a bitcoin address to send funds to.
when you send the funds there, your bitcoin balance will display.

You can’t add a wallet. Bitsquare is also a bitcoin wallet which is refer to as internal wallet. You can send BTC(bitcoins) from and to the external wallet, which is a wallet that you otherwise use (or hope to use in future).

You will need to already have some BTC to start trading on bitsquare, because you need to place a security deposit during a trade, so you have something to lose if you don’t follow the protocol. You can ask a friend to borrow you some BTC and return it after the trade is complate or if you don’t know anyone willing to lend you some BTC then you can use a “Starter package” category on this forum.

Bitsquare loves new users, it just needs some small effort to start using it if you are just getting into the crypto world.

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Hello, in principle, there are several ways, there are online wallets, when the main info is stored in cloud storage media, but I personally think that it is best to have a large purse that you need to download to your computer. You can generally rewrite your bitcoins on paper, laminate and hide it somewhere. Understand that bitcoin is not the currency that needs to be thrown in here. Bitcoin can be compared to gold. You’d better ask where to store other currencies. I can suggest you to make your own wallet.

thank you for the details