How Do I Buy BTC Using Canadian Dollars? (&/or how to convert CDN to USD?)

Hello, I am new to this exchange and am not a programmer or techie. I reviewed the tutorials, searched the forum, and even searched youtube, but I haven’t been able to find a clear answer yet. I tried setting up / adding a national currency account in my Bisq account, but I found it to be confusing, and am requesting some detailed assistance.

I am a Canadian and simply want to buy some bitcoin with my CDN fiat. What are the steps I must take to do this?

Also, since it appears there are no Canadian offers at the moment, is there a way I can convert my CDN fiat into USD, and then purchase bitcoin with that?

My apologies for the noobie question, however it would be great if in the future there perhaps could be some detailed step by step video tutorials for each process, for the half-brained luddites like me :smile:


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I can’t give you a detailed tutorial right now but I have some info that might be helpful.

In Canada Interac might be your best coice to quickly transfer fiat to buy BTC.

In the Bisq client you go to Account, National currency accounts and select Interac. You fill-in the fields and are good to go.

You’ll need some BTC to fund your offers (0.03 for the security deposit (which you get back after a successful trade) + 0.0008 in fees to post an offer or 0.0015 to take an offer)

After posting an offer your machine and client needs to be running for your offer to be visible for takers. You might want to tell others that you want to buy BTC via Bisq so that people are made aware of your offer.

You might find these helpful: