How do I contact the arbitrator who closed my ticket and release Bitcoin to the WRONG party?

Arbitrator closed ticket while I was having Easter dinner with my family. Buyer sent Interact Etransfer and then cancelled the transfer and showed ‘proof’ of having sent the money, before I could show proof of them cancelling the etransfer.

What is the onion address of your arbitrator ?

selected arbitrator s6yrrpezc3zp6biy.onion:9999

s6yrrpezc3zp6biy.onion:9999 -> @keo (ping … sorry)

Sorry. I’m new here. What does this mean?

Sorry I’m just tired.
This means that @keo is the concerned arbitrator, and I’m pinging him.

oh ok, thanks

Tough cases with chargebacks. I’ll consult what to do. What was the tradeID?

trade id: 59079169

technically though this isn’t chargeback.

I received a notification of cancellation of the etransfer on Thu, Apr 18, 4:28 PM.