How do I get a new arbitrator?

The peer I was trading with didn’t follow through. The arbitrator contacted him to find out why and gave him time to respond. The peer didn’t respond so the arbitrator said he would close the trade and give me the peer’s deposit. It’s been 4 days and the arbitrator hasn’t closed the trade and is no longer responding to my messages. How do I get a new arbitrator?

Until the new arbitration system goes live, there is only one arbitrator and he posted recently that he would have limited access for the next few days. Sorry you are dealing with a delay but you will receive the financial compensation, don’t worry.


I was not much online. I just closed a case which was probably the one you refer to.

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Ah, okay. I didn’t know about any of that. Thanks very much for the information.

Sorry, I didn’t know about the situation. I was worried my arbitrator had forgotten about me or something had happened to him. My case is still open. I’ll message you the the ID so you can check on if, if you’re able to.

Sent you a PM. It is closed now.

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