How do I get the wallet balance from Bisq programmatically?

I have Bisq installed on Windows. Now I’m trying to fetch the current balance from PHP CLI (in practice meaning “from the command line”).

I already tried to copy the bisq_BTC.wallet to a “Bisq” dir in the Bitcoin Core datadir (renamed to wallet.dat) and make it open that, but it’s apparently a completely different format, not recognized by Bitcoin Core. So that was a dud.

I’ve read the manual and find not one word about any API or command-line parameters such as: bisq.exe --grab-btc-wallet-balance.

How do I grab the balance without looking with my eyes in the GUI?

You can export the x-zpub’s from Account - wallet info.

I have no idea what “x-zpub” is, even after searching online. But having to manually export stuff all the time negates the whole point?

With the API it is possible to do this. The plan is to publicly release this in the next release, but please take a look at the guide here bisq/ at master · bisq-network/bisq · GitHub