How do I know the transaction is released or cancelled after the dispute?

I received a strange bitcoin sell order where it took almost 20 hours for bitcoin to deposit into bitsqure, and the seller even fired a dispute after a day. But then I paid the bitcoin seller and he was not able to release the coins due to coins are in the dispute phase

Then I provided all the requested evidence of the payment and today I opened bitsquare client, just discovered that the case is closed, but where is the bitcoin, is it released to me or returned to the seller? Where can I check that?

The balance of my account does not change after the trade is closed, it is the same as yesterday. And in transaction record I could not find any received bitcoins

Ticket closed on 27.01.2017 17:39:08

BTC Buyer/offerer delivered tamper proof evidence: No
BTC Buyer/offerer did ID verification: No
BTC Buyer/offerer did screencast or video: No
Payout amount for BTC buyer: 0.18 BTC
Payout amount for BTC seller: 0.01 BTC
Arbitrator’s dispute fee: 0.00 BTC

Summary notes:
Deposit too too long for getting in blockchain…

Above is from the dispute log, obviously it is wrong since I have provided screenshot of the payment

Can u PM me the trade ID? You should see the tx in the funds/transactions screen as well if u click on the trade ID it opens a popup with all info. There u can click on the deposit tx and see the connected payout tx.

4f57024a is the trade ID. I’m expecting to see a “multisig payout” type of transaction just like those successful trades before, but there is none

I re-opened and did the payout again. hope now it worked. can u start the app to check?

If there are still issues ping me by email (

Nothing new in my client, still 2 transactions from 24th Jan, secure deposit and offer fee, no sign of payout transaction