How do I make my first bitcoin sale?

I funded my wallet on the exchange with a $115 today and the price of bitcoin is up $455 today. Why is my available blanace still showing 0.01971124 BTC or $115 ?

how much BTC did you put into the wallet? Did you do any buys/sells with it?

I put $115 in the wallet.


Bisq’s wallet only holds bitcoin, so you can’t have put dollars into it.
Please explain in as much detail as possible how you got your 115 dollar into the Bisq wallet.
You probably bought that 115$ of bitcoin on some other exchange?

I have tried to purchase $50 worth of BTC why is the transaction fee so high ?

As the previous reply said, you only put bitcoins in the Bisq wallet, there is no way to put any fiat into it.
You have whatever amount of bitcoins you put into it, the price of it in USD might changed, but you still have the same amount of bitcoins.

Most of the transaction fee is just a normal Bitcoin mining fee that you have to pay for any Bitcoin transaction, this doesn’t have to do much with Bisq itself. The security deposit will be returned to you upon a successful trade, it is there to insure traders uphold the protocol as Bisq is decentralized.