How do I move my Bisq account from Windows to Linux Mint?


My windows 10 PC died after a failed update that didn’t complete correctly and can’t be removed. With Win10 insisting on changing the software on your hardware without permission and me running nodes 24/7 I’ve decided to use Linux Mint instead.

I managed to retrieve the following from the Win10 machine before reformatting…

  1. The seed to my Bisq Wallet
  2. A current Bisq backup
  3. a copy of the Bisq directory

Added complications are that I don’t know what version it was, but it was updated in the last couple of months and also I have a BSQ balance which I obviously need to include in the migration.

Can anyone walk me through the process?


Congrats to get rid of Windows!!!

Just copy the data directory from the backup to [USER]/.local/share. If it does not exist create that directory (first is with a . and hidden). then copy the Bisq folder in there. Then start Bisq and all should be ok.

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Thanks Manfred! Worked perfectly for everything except my BSQ balance which shows zero. My open trade and trade history is all there. Is there an additional step I need to make. I was hoping I could maybe vote tonight before the deadline but I can wait until next month if that’s not practical. I took a quick look at the new version that shows compensation request and voting functions. Is that live now or are we still using the spreadsheet for now?


P.S. I never have seen anything other than a zero BSQ balance as I only looked once with the alt d shortcut before the distribution and haven’t looked again until just now so not sure what I should be looking at. I know it will be testnet coins but will it show the correct balance that I was allocated? I have to admit I’m kind of curious :slight_smile:

BSQ is not active on mainnet yet, only on testnet. See for more details.
You can vote at:
Please read the doc above to understand the context, we are in a test phase where we execute the things manually which are not implemented yet.
Where do you see the compensation request and voting functions? Only with cmd+d the DAO menu opens and beside your address all should be deactivated (because under development).

Upps, I just checked and saw that the compensation request and voting tabs are not deactivated anymore. That is a bug. Please don’t do anything there, it might break your app or spend funds (fees).

"In order to clarify a few outstanding questions and finish preparing the voting spreadsheet, we’ll postpone the start of November compensation request voting until Wednesday the 6th. Thanks all."

Awesome Manfred, will do. I thought we were still using the spreadsheet but when I upgraded and say the buttons ungreyed I thought I’d check. Glad I did :slight_smile: Thanks for the timely and great support as always.

P.S. Working on ironing out some bugs on the networking side of my Bitcoin node but as soon as I’m set I want to dedicate it’s use to Bisq as per the recent request I read. I also have a full Monero node but I doubt that will be of relevance prior to multisig implementation.

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I think this counts as me contributing my first bug find! :slight_smile:

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Since we are talking about bugs, I think avocado mentioned that he could uncheck the box of single arbitrator. I checked that and it seems like a bug, you can uncheck any arbitrator (as long as it is not both), but it doesn’t save once you change the screen.

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