How do I open support ticket?

I would like to open a support ticket on an ongoing trade. How do I do it?

Select the trade and click cmd+o (or ctrl+o)

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From the top, how does one get to the “trade”? Top has Market, Buy BTC, Sell BTC, etc.
I have a failed trade and my security deposit seems lost, Where can I open a support ticket?

Hello @nkp ,
You may go in Settings/Network Info/Resync SPV chain
This often is enough to solve some possible network issue.

If this is not enough, you can also always verify the deposit address content with an explorer.

@Homard the block explorer shows my deposit going into the address, then out again a minute later. No idea what’s going on, and I can’t seem to open a support ticket.

In order to contact an arbitrator, you should use the alt+o combination.

What is your OS @nkp ?

I’m on Windows 10. Not sure where to use the alt-o (or is it ctrl-o) combo.

Yes the combo differs from OS to OS … and I never remember which one is for which OS.
You may try several.

I assume I should select something. What is that something?

One place to look at is Portfolio/Open trades.
What does it display ?

It’s empty, because the trade timed out.

After deleting the SPV and resyncing, I now see it in the Failed tab. But cannot open ticket there.

Concerning the deposit, normally there is nothing to worry.
The deposit’s function is to back the trade … if the trade occurs.
If the trade doesn’t occur due to network issues etc, there is no reason to lose the deposit.

There may be fees lost, but that’s something else.

You should be able to access your funds with an emergency wallet tool then.
If the trade is not open then it probably never took place and deposit never left your wallet.

PS: You should update to the newest version of Bisq. It has some fixes for these timeout issues.