How do I register? Okpay questions


Please I don’t really understand this site.

  1. how do I register?

2)is Okpay allowed for payment and withdrawal)

3)how fast can you get you Okpay paid into your account?

4)how many times are you allowed to buy or Sell a day,What I mean do you guys have limit?

5)Is Nigerians allowed here?

Please help with all information as the site is confusing…

I just registered on this forum I don’t KNOW if registering on this forum means have registered on bitsquare site…

I can’t even find login and signup…

There is no need for any registration, there is no limit and everyone is allowed. OkPay is supported payment option. Time delays vary on multiple factors in trades. (bitcoin backlog, other user you are buying from or selling to,…)

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If There is No need to register, how do I get a wallet to Sell my Btc…

Am very confuse,because Am using and android phone…

I don’t really understand how trading work with your platform,is it like placing order once your order is match you have bought or Sell…

I asleep concerning Okpay,once you sold you money should reflect in your balance and you can withdraw, how long does this withdrawal take

You can’t use Bitsquare with an android phone.

bitsquare is a java application for windows, linux&mac. i dont think it runs on android.
you dont need an account. its runs peer to peer.
yes, okpay is an option for sending/recieving local currency.
nigerian naira does not seem to be supported inside bitsquare - yet - ask our prince to add it. (maybe you can use another currency via okpay?)

Here is one of the tutorials on how to use Bitsquare that I found .
You will need a computer for the trade. The whole trade process could take few days, or maybe could be done in an hour as well. It can mainly depend on the other person in the trade.