How do I set the fee rate in Bisq when I make a buy offer?

Sorry to bang away at this, but I’m not getting it. I have 4 stuck trades and the fees are very low for all. When I created the buy offer, I didn’t see where to set the fee. Is it auto generated at the time of making the offer? I understand RBF is a way to speed it up, but I’m not seeing it in Bisq.

On the last two, I waited until the fee rate was high to help it get confirmed, but it created very low fees.

Thanks. I know there’s a lot going on, so I appreciate any guidance.

I think Bisq automatically generates a mining fee amount when creating offers. Unfortunately, the bitcoin network is clogged because of a recent dropoff of miners. Lots of people are having their transactions stuck in the mempool.

Bisq also does not have RBF capabilities right now.

Things should return to normalcy after the next difficulty adjustment in about a week or so

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You can only select mining fees to withdraw from Bisq wallet.

Thanks. On my latest transaction (sending a deposit), I manually set the withdraw fee to 230 sat/vB, but it shows in the mempool as 177 sat/vB. Is this just an error window, or should the actual rate be what was manually set?

If you were spending from your Bisq wallet to another wallet at the Funds - Send Funds tab, the mining fee used should be the input from Settings, which can be the Bisq default or set by yourself manually.

That’s what I thought. I let Bisq set the fee, but the actual value was about half. Then on another offer I set the fee to 230, but it’s showing 177. Would the congestion be causing that?