How Do You Ban A Peer?

How do you ban a peer from seeing your trades using their onion address? Do you have plans to put this in the UI? Sometimes the other trader takes either too long to pay or wait until the very last minute.

Personally, I would prefer to not trade with these individuals since if I am not around the PC when they chose to confirm they made payment of the trade but leave only 10 minutes to respond. I will risk loosing my deposit since it will go to the arbitrator.

You can add onion addresses of the peers you wish to ignore in Settings.
It is right there near the top bellow Auto select arbitrators checkbox.
I think this will stop those peers from taking your offers as well.

You can always disable your offer when you are not around, but the max trade period should be enough for you to respond anyway.
Btw, security deposits never go to arbitrators, only to other trader for his inconvenience.

I added a GH issue for it: