How do you get the current wallet balance from Bisq?

After spending countless hours figuring out how to read the %appdata%\Bisq\btc_mainnet\db\ClosedTrades file into PHP, regexp-parsing out the JSON blobs that begin with “offerPayload”, converting them to PHP array trees, looping through them and adding all the $blob['offerPayload']['amount']s together, I now have… determined the total amount of BTC I ever bought using Bisq.

But that’s not what I wanted. I wanted the current balance of the wallet. I have made many transfers into and out from the account. None of that is accounted for in that file. It’s just the trade data.

None of the other files’ names in the same dir seem to indicate that this data even exists. And it wouldn’t surprise me if there’s further complexity as well, to learn the “true” amount.

All I want is the current balance. How many sats are currently in my Bisq wallet? That’s the question I’m trying to answer (without manually opening and looking at Bisq’s GUI).

(The actual API sadly has been of no use to me so far because it’s not shipped with normal Bisq and doesn’t seem to run without Java, as previously mentioned here.)

The only ways I know are on the GUI interface: available, reserved and locked balance ; Account - Wallet info. Also, exporting xpubs to another wallet.

I cannot fathom how such an advanced and well-designed application can lack this.

Also if you use the emergency wallet tool it will display your balance ‘Ctrl + e’ or ‘alt + e’ or ‘cmd + e’. But this this done from the GUI.

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