How do you provide BTC for deposit when you do not yet own any BTC and are trying to buy your first BTC?


I am trying to buy my first BTC. It is asking for BTC for deposit, but I don’t have any yet. What is the solution to this? Thanks.

Usually people who deal with cryptocurrency have friends with some coins that can lend them. However, there is a category on this forum called #support:starter-package for lending BTC, where you can ask for someone to lend you some if they are pleased with the personal info you provide them. Obviously due to ease and privacy it is better to ask a friend.

Thanks. I don’t know anyone that has cryptos, and so it appears that the best option is to buy BTC on another exchange first, and then it can be used here to buy BTC or Altcoins.

You can try the 25$ package doesn’t require ID