How do you use Trezor with the Bisq wallet?

I am new to Bisq.

I am curious, if i decide to use Trezor, how that interacts with the Bisq wallet. What steps do I take to make this work?


Bisq does not have any sort of dedicated Trezor support, i.e. a Trezor is just another external wallet from Bisq’s perspective. This means you can send coins from your Trezor to addresses managed by your Bisq wallet, and you can send coins from your Bisq wallet to addresses managed by your Trezor.

We would love to integrate Trezor one day but so far you just have to make a normal BTC transaction between Trezor and Bisq.

Are you referring to the trezor.js? Also implying the use of trezord?

We don’t use javascript but java.


I am trying to do my first trade and I am unsure about the trade fee:

I have started the process for creating a BTC buy offer and I get to the stage where I am prompted that I should make sure that I use a 590 satoshi fee when transferring the deposit - if I am transferring BTC from my Trezor, do I need to add the 590s to the deposit amount or something?


Most wallets use the amount the receiver gets, so just use the amount Bisq shows you. Jut be sure the tx fee is reasonable otherwise the trade tx might get stuck if the funding tx has a too low fee and does not get confirmed. The current fee estimation tends to indicate a too high fee, but it is difficult to figure out the right fee. We will improve that soon. Atm I guess 200 - 400 sat/byte are enough, but you need to check that manually at pages like and it requires a bit of experience to make meaningful guesses.