How does a DEX team sustain itself on Crypto?

While a lot of open source projects are based on volunteers around the world, who contribute to the project; in the long term, the core/founding team may need to sustain itself with the support of the project.

In a DEX since the fees earned will only be in crypto - can a DEX only be created :

  1. With a team which is only made of volunteers who do not take anything in return to sustain themselves? OR
  2. In countries where bitcoin/crypto can be used to buy daily needs/groceries, to sustain the team members OR
  3. In countries where crypto to fiat can be done easily

I am looking to understand if it is possible for a DEX organization to compensate it’s engineers, who may be in countries where crypto is not available to sustain daily needs; and so they would depend on fiat. And so any crypto fee earnings cannot be given to the team as compensation.

In the Bisq case, contributors are payed with Bisq’s own token : BSQ.
Clearly this is accepted by contributors because they believe/hope in the project success, success which should normally also concern the project’s token.


Bisq is great as it is, but once you start looking at the DAO they’re developing and that is very close to start, it becomes amazing.
The goal is that the software by itself will be capable of rewarding the ones who keep it working.


Thanks Homard,

Just trying to understand if those who can contribute are either:

  1. sustain themselves with other part/full time salaries and just collect BSQ for their work, believing that in tomorrow’s fiat-less world, BSQ could be a currency/converted to a currency, since they believe in the vision.
  2. contributors who belong in countries where crypto is “unavailable” (India for example), cannot (at least in the short term) sustain themselves on BSQ since they need fiat to go around their daily lives.

Am i correct in the above statements?

Thanks MnM,

So the rewards will be in BSQ, and in countries (India for example), where crypto is “unavailable”, contributors cannot realize their rewards as they need fiat to go around their daily lives.

In this case, would it be true to say that currently, contributors from such countries can only work in “volunteer” mode, as the BSQ rewards may not be realized for them, and the primary motivation would be the Bisq vision and principles?

Sooner or later, for the better or the worse, BSQ will be tradable.
On at least one exchange (guess which).

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You can always use Bisq to exchange your BSQ to BTC and then those BTC to your national currency on Bisq.

If there isn’t a market yet in your country, try creating some offers on Bisq and tell your friends about it. No one can regulate Bisq in any country, so it is can be used everywhere to exchange crypto<->crypto or crypto<->fiat.

Bitcoin is available anywhere in the world as long as you can use internet.
Bisq is trying to achieve the availability of exchanging any Fiat to btc.