How is that trade price even possible?

Hey there, I just did a sell for 9736 EUR with a market price of -0.05%:

"direction": "SELL",
"price": 0,
"marketPriceMargin": -5.0E-4,
"useMarketBasedPrice": true,
"amount": 25000000,
"minAmount": 10000000,
"baseCurrencyCode": "BTC",
"counterCurrencyCode": "EUR",
"arbitratorNodeAddresses": [],

But Bitcoin Average shows a market price low of 9954 EUR - that minus 0.05% is 9953 EUR and not 9736 EUR.

Can anyone explain how someone could buy from me for this low price?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, I think we would need more data to investigate that, could you come to keybase #support channel?

My first guess is that bitcoinaverage pricenode gave a wrong info for a certain time. Today Bisq changes to a new set of providers to create independent price indices so if that was your problem (which I don’t think is very common), maybe it will be mitigated from now on.