How is the Country determined by bisq for SEPA accounts?

How does the Software determine the country of my bank accout when I create a SEPA account in it?

Because I have a Bunq bank account and they offer me several different IBANs to use for different transactions.

So I added two of my IBANs in the Bisq-Software and one shows Country of Bank: NL which is correct

But the other shows for my country of Bank: DE which obvisously isn’t correct.

Both IBANs start with the usual NLXXBUNQ…

Maybe somebody should look into it.

Nevermind, I just saw that I have to add the country myself and jsut didnt pay attention to one of the bank acconts. But wouldn’t this be a possibilty to circumvent restrictions?

Lets say somebody wants to sell BTC for SEPA, but doesn’t want to accept Payments from Italy(just an example). But I am from Italy and want to buy their BTC, I just type in antoher country for the bank but still use my IBAN and data of my original italian Bank account.

Would this scenario circumvent the restriction?

Is it possible for the seller to reject payments from selected countries using SEPA?
Does the bank allow this kind of selection?

Sorry, I don’t know much about SEPA. But I am interested in your question. Is it normal to discriminate payment origin with SEPA payments?

I may be wrong, but I have never read somewhere that Bisq enables to reject payment from this or that country.

By curiosity, for which reason would one be unwilling money from Italy (just an example) ?
(I always though that money has no smell :wink: )

You don’t reject it in your bank you reject it in the bisq software.

When you create a SEPA account in Bisq, you can chose if you only want to receive money from specific countries and from which countries you don’t want to trade with.

I like the feature, anybody has the right to decline offers if they so wish. The reasons for declining a specific country can vary from superstitious believes about cursed countries to distrust in specific countries or assumption that the money from those countries might be more involved in criminal acitvities or what have you. Just let your imagination run, I’m sure you’ll find more reasons.

I think the feature is nice, but would it be circumventable with the scenario I described? @ManfredKarrer

Manfred is not browsing the forum much atm.
The right place to ask for new feature is on the github

I must however say that reading the forum since 6 months, I didn’t remember somebody already asking for that.