How long for Blockchain confirmation?

It has been over 24hrs and I have still not received the blockchain confirmation for a purchase I am making. Is this normal? This is my 4th time buying on the network, and this is first time that I am having this issue? I contacted the seller asking if he/she knew what was happening. Is this a normal thing?

In the past it has been several hours but not days.
What puzzles me is that I can’t even find the “Deposit Transaction ID”.
It comes back with “Not found”:

The maker fee took 1 hour and 12 minutes to confirm:

Fee: 0.00039780BTC

Exactly. So then what can I do at this point?

I don’t know.
I suggest to wait some days more and hope the load/backlog on the network goes down.

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Thank you. The confirmation just went through. I guess you were right, sometimes there is a backlog on the network. Again, thank you!

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I’ve had unconfirmed transactions FOR TWO WEEKS!!! :exploding_head: