How long to wait for blockchain confirmation?

So I finally got my first trade going and now I’m waiting for blockchain confirmation.
How long does this usually take? I couldn’t find that information anywhere.
It’s been over 24h now, I’m the Maker and I can see my fee transaction is confirmed, but the Take fee transactions isn’t. Even though when I check it on bitaps, it’s confirmed.
I did try an SPV delete - didn’t make any difference.

I just want to know if I’m impatient or if there is something wrong.

Bisq should show it as confirmed as soon as it is confirmed on the Bitcoin network.
So if block explorers shows all 3 transactions (maker fee, taker fee, deposit tx) as confirmed then Bisq should show it as well.

it’s almost two days now and I still have the same status.
What do I do now?


Well if the taker fee was never confirmed then the trade couldn’t start.
You bitcoins are still in your wallet. You can use emergency wallet tool with cmd+e to withdraw your funds from Bisq.

This might be some network error. You could try in future with a fresh install.
You can look at logs as well to try to find anything suspicious.

I setup a fresh install on a different computer. I got the wallet imported, how do I import my open trade or is that not possible?

What about the security deposit. Is that lost if the trade doesn’t confirm?

Also I looked through the logs and the only thing of interest I can see is below. Don’t know if that says anything.

Apr-02 09:40:05.995 [JavaFX Application Thread] WARN  i.b.c.t.Trade: depositTx is null 
Apr-02 09:43:20.200 [JavaFX Application Thread] INFO  i.b.c.t.Trade: Set new state at BuyerAsMakerTrade (id=ayBMFcLK): MAKER_SAW_ARRIVED_PUBLISH_DEPOSIT_TX_REQUEST 
Apr-02 09:43:20.286 [JavaFX Application Thread] INFO  i.b.c.a.Version: Version{VERSION=0.6.7, P2P_NETWORK_VERSION=1, LOCAL_DB_VERSION=1, TRADE_PROTOCOL_VERSION=1, BASE_CURRENCY_NETWORK=0, getP2PNetworkId()=10} 
Apr-02 09:44:08.610 [JavaFX Application Thread] WARN  i.b.c.t.TradeManager: We found an outdated addressEntry for trade ayBMFcLK-62faadaf-e401-4e6a-ba32-2a29a0efa507-067 
Apr-02 09:44:08.611 [JavaFX Application Thread] WARN  i.b.c.t.Trade: depositTx is null 

Sorry, for all the questions - I really want this to work, but it has been a bit uphill from the start.

Unfortunately you can’t import an open offer.

In your case I think security deposit never really left your wallet.
You should be able to recover it with cmd+e.

OK, with the tool I can see that the security deposit is still there, only the maker and tx fee have been withdrawn.
I guess they can’t be recovered even when the trade fails?

I just want to clear this up before I use the tool. Do I need to create a new bisq wallet and move my funds to it in order to recover them or can they be recovered in this wallet?
I just want to be sure, so I don’t mess stuff up.

Since you are experiencing issues with Bisq, I would suggest withdrawing them to an external wallet.
You could withdraw them to Bisq installed on another computer of course, if Bisq works fine on that one.

You can withdraw them wherever you like, I just suggest to get them away from that buggy Bisq installation you have there.

Trade fee is (or at least was) mostly a mining fee, so technically it is lost, but devs might be willing to refund you for your troubles if that amount is substantial for you. You can message cbeams about that.