How many Bisq coins to trade?

I thought it was 1 per trade but now I’m seeing 3 coins per trade?

The fees depend on the trade amount.

Up until 3 days ago for the same (maker) trade amount I paid 1 BSQ now no matter if it is .01 BTC or 2 BTC the fee calculates to 3.20 BSQ.
Just weird. Maybe I’ll try a rebuild.

After the vote to change the fees the maker fee should now be 1.6 BSQ per BTC. It sounds like you’re getting the maximum fee (the fee for 2 BTC) no matter what amount you make an offer for, quite possibly a bug. Any information you have on it is helpful to hunt it down. Best report in an issue on github.

Oh I missed the vote to increase the maker fees. That is quite an percentage increase.
1.6 BSQ is what it is displaying per BTC so I think no bug.

The fee is meant to be kept at 0.1% for makers and 0.3% for takers. Initially there is quite a steep discount but over the coming months the plan is to bring the BSQ fees to that range. That should then be a discount of 50% - 70% to paying the fees with BTC.