How many nodes has bisq?

I didn’t find this information so I ask :
How many nodes does bisq have actually ?
Is there a stat/info page somewhere which displays this info in realtime ?

I don’t think that there is, but I believe Manfred tried approximating it in the past.
But keep in mind that this number is always changing as people open and close their Bisq clients.

We don’t have stats atm but some times i start up a node with not connection limits set to see how many live peers are. 2-3 months ago it was about 120 live nodes.
Active Bisq users you can see at the downloads page:

There are about 10 000 who update quickly after each release so I think that might be more or less the number of the active users.

There are open Github issues for getting better monitoring of the network but nobody works on it right now.

Thank you both for your answers. :slight_smile:

How to know if there’s a new release? Is the client software giving a signal or do I need to watch on my own at github?

It is usually reported on all platforms, such as twitter, reddit, here on the forum etc.
I think Bisq app will notify you of a new release as well, but I never seen it myself as I always see it on the forum first.


Yes there is an in-app download and sig check tool. So you get an update popup asking to update. It is recommended to use that as it gives extra security with the sig check (pub keys are in the binary so there is a double check that the keys are correct).

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At the moment, can those connection limits be modified by the user ?
(I didn’t see anything in .local/share/Bisq)
or has this to be done in the source code ?

The connections of one node is limited to about 8 peers. Would take a lot of resources to connect to >100 nodes… I was talking about total live nodes at the same time…

If you just want to test to see the total numbers you can set prog arg --maxConnections=1000.

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Thanks Manfred :slight_smile: