How much do i have to pay for deposit?

As i mentioned above how much do i have to pay for deposit?

If i deposit BTC with a worth of 200 USD how much will be in my balance in the end?

Thanks in advance, chris

You mainly need to deposit BTC to Bisq for trading fees, to insure there is no spam, and for security deposit, to insure traders follow the protocol.

Trading fees vastly depend on mining fees on Bitcoin network as they currently make up most of it and security deposit is customizable and depends on your role in the trade, as the buyer of BTC or the seller.

Also you would need to deposit whatever amount of BTC you would be trying to sell.

So in short it all depends and you should be able to check this when taking or creating an offer.
But 0.01BTC is the default security deposit for the buyer, that is a bit less then 170 USD currently.
As for the fees, that largely depends on Bitcoin network, as I said, so you will have to check that before starting a trade as it varies a lot.
Since mining fees are currently kinda high, I assume the amount of BTC needed for a trade right now would be worth more than 200 USD.

Alternatively you can use Litecoin or Dash as base currency so you will have lower trading fee, but you will need to provide security deposits in that base currency.

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thanks for your time!!!