How should I proceed to unlock BTC

i have been using Bisq now for a couple of months. Somehow, sometime some BTC got locked. I thought that ones all my open trades and open offers would complete, those locked BTC would return to my wallet. But they didn’t, they are still locked.
I would appreciate some guidance on how to unlock those BTC.
Thanks in advanced,

Hi @gams

Thanks for opening the issue.

Locked funds are usually a result of active trades or mediations in progress.

Do you have any trades or mediations in progress?

If so please go to Funds > Locked Funds and you should be able to associated all locked funds with in progress trades.

If you do not have any active trades or mediations in progress it is likely a GUI error that is showing locked funds. You can still check Funds > Locked Funds to see if the Bisq app is telling you what it thinks is locked.

Hi Pazza,
thanks for your reply and sorry for my late answer:
No, I don’t have any open trades and/or mediations in progress.
I have checked the Funds > Locked Funds and it is completely empty, there is nothing to see here.
But checking the PORTFOLIO > FAILED I have 10 failed trades. But I’m confident the very last one was reimbursed by @leo816 as I received yesterday an e-mail from him confirming me this reimbursement (you requested him this reimbursement on Nov 13).
Now, how should I proceed so someone can analyses the remaining 9 failed trades and see if these are related with the locked funds?
Thanks in advance,

No problems. This is a known issue.

GUI displays incorrectly once a trade has failed

There has been a fix published: Fix calculation & display of Locked Funds by jmacxx · Pull Request #5813 · bisq-network/bisq · GitHub

Should correct itself in the next release of Bisq.

Hi Pazza,
thanks a lot! I have just updated my Bisq and as you wrote, it has effectively corrected itself, the locked BTC has gone back to zero.
Thanks again and sorry for my late answer.

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That is good news. Glad it is fixed.