How the Reference Number should be displayed & the rules regarding this

@ManfredKarrer Most of us are aware of the importance of the Reference Number and why it should be used as said on bisq platform, but i think it should be changed in the way it is displayed and show the importance of this.

  1. The Reference Number(RN) should be displayed in red or Dark Black (whichever you think is best) to catch the attention of the Taker.
  2. A notification popup or a note next to the RN should state that if the Taker makes a deposit and puts a RN such as “BTC” or “Bitcoin”, not only will they lose their deposit, but also their BTC as well. This way, they will make sure NOT to make any mistakes or put any other reference on purpose (for whatever reason they might have).

Knowing that this would be the case, the Taker will think twice about just randomly putting any RN in the bank transfer or cause havoc for the Maker. As when making a bank transfer, it cannot be reversed and say ‘oops, im sorry i should have changed the reference number’ Many banks as you know can block accounts just because of a RN.

Can you make this change?
And thank you for an awesome platform

I am pretty sure that there is a pop up that shows up for the buyer already that explains this.
I am not sure about the font used and if it is displayed in a different color, but I would assume it is quite obvious.

Not following this rule of Bisq should be reported by opening a dispute and a buyer should be punished by giving his security deposit to the seller. This is how the protocol was intended to work.

@alexej996 Yes there might be a popup i dont remember, and agree with you that they should be punished, however the 2 points im trying to make are:

  1. That the font is changed and becomes most probably Dark Red would do.
  2. That the Taker’s BTC should also be taken away from him/her if the bank ref number is different from what the offer states it should be. It should also state that in the popup.
    A Harsh punishment yes, because a reference number can cause a lot of damage for an individual and could also be flagged most probably by the tax authorities depending on the country.
    @ManfredKarrer can comment what you think about this?

Update Edit: actually no, there is no popup next to or near the “Reason for Payment”

There is popup stating that you must not use BTC, Bisq, etc and only the exact trade ID as reference text.
The arbitrator takes the security deposit in cases if violation, but I would not be too harsh as it is usually a “honest mistake” without bad intentions. I understand that it could cause problems for the peers banks but they can cause also problems without much reason, just because of detecting “patterns” (e.g. p2p payments). Also the trade ID has a sort of pattern which could be used by them to detect Bisq users. So there is no strong protection anyway against such Banks. Better use a bank account which does not hurt too much if it gets closed and/or which is bitcoin friendly like Mister Tango for SEPA.

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Is it not possible to fill the Reference Number automatically with the exact trade ID ?

No Bisq has no connection to the banking webpage…

Hi @ManfredKarrer, the popup might come up initially from when the trade initiates which seems like the trader can forget about it, however Im talking about something in the form of a notification/Pop-up while the banking details are displayed, right next to “Reason for Payment”
The trader doesn’t always pay immediately so when he comes back to that “banking details” screen he should see that notification as a reminder by “Reason for Payment” text box.