How to access my "available balance" to make a buy offer?

I have an adequate amount of funds for the security deposit displayed in “available balance” but when I try to make a buy offer I’m told I don’t have enough funds. What do I need to do to make it access the available balance? I don’t recall this being an issue in my two previous buy offers.

You could double check that you have enough for a security deposit and all the fees, which are mostly Bitcoin mining fees.

I do based on what it’s telling me the fee is.
But it’s apparently divided into two fractions. A small amount is displayed in funds received. A larger amount is only seen on available balance. Could that be in a wallet? And while I recall creating a wallet, I don’t see a way to access it.
Thanks for your time.

Maybe a simpler approach is, How do I access my bisq wallet?

I think you’re hitting a bug in the program. You can work around this by going to the “Funds” pane in bisq, and using the “Send funds” tab to send the needed amount to the Trade wallet address shown on the “Create offer” tab.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

Thanks Chort. My balance showed in “funds” today (didn’t yesterday), and I was able to withdraw for the security deposit. Not sure why I have to pay a fee for that since I never actually moved it to a wallet anyway. I intentionally left enough there to fund future security deposits.
Anyway, I appreciate the help and I do hope bisq becomes more user friendly. I have recommended it to friends but not sure they are going to like the difficulty using it.

I am glad you recommended it to your friends! :smiley:
Liquidity is one thing we could really use on Bisq and that comes with more traders.

Every transaction in Bisq is a Bitcoin transaction, so a mining fee is required so the Bitcoin network confirms it.

If you have any suggestion on how we can improve the user experience, please let us know.
It is important that the app is attractive to many traders as they are the ones that give value to Bisq.