How to add your favorite altcoin?


You need to provide a pull request for the address validator. See info in the start at the thread for details…


Hi Manfred, NXT foundation gave me this:

Regards, luis.


That is not enough, it need to be java code in our validation class and a unit test. See description at rules…


Ticker symbol (BTC): DEUS


Ticker symbol (BTC): DEUS


Please read the requirements carefully. We require a pull request for a altcoin validation. You need a java developer for doing that. See the description at the beginning of the thread.


Ticker symbol:


Official coin name:


Official altcoin webpage where Bitsquare will be added as official exchange:

URL of the block explorer:

Example address:


Social media accounts like Twitter account, subreddit, etc.:

Octocoin Foundation:
Octocoin Download:
Octocoin Twitter:

I have confirmed that the ticker does not conflict with


As stated above we need a PR or the altcoin validator.
EDIT: Ah sorry I did not read the code changes. Seems you have added an address validation. Sorry was too fast without looking carefully…


Added for next release.


I just checked it but there was several issues. You have not tested it at all (one class was missing the .java so you even could not have compiled it). A test is failing as well. I will give you a second chance to fix that, but if there are still issues i will not add it.
I will update that in the requirements that in such case I will reject. I need to use my time better then testing not-tested committed code.


I have fixed the errors and made a new pull request. Also posting that it builds and unit test are successful.


Ok, added now.


Thank you. Post or send me your address and I will send you some Octocoin for your trouble.
I’ve gone ahead and listed on and on the Bitcointalk thread.


Dear Manfred,

Kindly add the following Asset to your listing;
Ticker symbol (e.g. BTC): AMIS
Official coin name (e.g. Bitcoin): AMISolution
Official altcoin webpage where Bitsquare will be added as official exchange:
URL of the block explorer:
Example address (e.g. 3MPe1LfMeJvumN7ykswSwkPSoXLbheXnCH): 0x9663ce0cb64caee2dfec4f0f73655f3d59826dc9
Confirmation that you have checked that the ticker does not conflict with ISO_421739 Yes
Community :
Twitter : @AMIS_ERC20
GitHub :
GitChat :
Reddit :
Slack invite :

AMIS is a transactional vehicle acting as asset management instrument for decentralized services running on the blockchain in today’s digital economy ecosystem.

Currently listed on etherdelta and and cryptoderivatives exchanges; AMIS is looking forward be listed with Bitsquare as it would contribute for further inter-exchanges capabilities.
All the best & Regards @ManfredKarrer


Please read the requirements again.
A pull request for the address validation is missing!

In future I will not answer anymore request which are not complete.


People will start reminding them eventually. No need to spend the time of the only developer for this.


Re: VCash

Original developer dumped the project and afaict had a mental breakdown late last year, including closing the github account and deleting all forum and website history. There are now new devs and it seems to be well managed at last.

I have posted a message here: suggesting that they could be added back into Bisq if validation tests are done. Let’s see how that goes.

If they don’t get around to it within a month or so I may add the code myself, since I’ll have to do HOdlcoin anyhow and might as well do both at the same time.

Note: I am not the HOdlcoin dev but the only active coder on that project just had his roof blown off by a tornado.


Good excuse.


Ticker symbol: JNS
Official coin name: Janus
Official website:
Website news:
Organizational supporter:
Official altcoin webpage where Bitsquare will be added as official exchange:
URL of the block explorer:
Example address: NXT-QG74-VNQK-7FQ3-4KFBA (issuer)
Confirmation that you have checked that the ticker does not conflict with Confirmed
Social media accounts
Slack :
Facebook :
Medium :

Coin type: NXT asset
Exchanges to verify activity:

Ranking on CoinMarketCap:
Cryptocompare :

Pull request for Nxt address validation to bitsquare:

Email :

Best regards.



Symbol: TK

Launched: May 27, 2011 (Stable 1.0 Release)
Type: POW SHA256 + RSA1536
Supply: Increases Gradually with Time (Currently 10.5 Million)
Speed: Transactions Process Every 5 Minutes
Retarget: NA
Reward: Based on Time in Network
Reduction: NA
Premined: None
Fees: 0

Timekoin is a digital currency where the transfer and creation of coinage is secured by the combination of 1,536 bit RSA Asymmetric Encryption layered in SHA-256 Hashing to prevent tampering or changing of transaction data. The transactions within Timekoin are replicated across the Internet via peers in a decentralized fashion so that any peer within the network will contain the complete transaction history for Timekoin. Currency within the network is created in a controlled and gradual time based function. The algorithms within Timekoin that control and maintain transactions is separate and independent of the algorithms that control currency production.


Currency can be transferred from user to user without an intermediate financial institution via any Internet capable device. All transactions must use whole numbers. Decimal based transactions are ignored. There is no transaction fees associated with any transfer of the digital currency from one user to another. Double spending is prohibited. Spending transactions from one address to the same address is also prohibited within the network. Each user may only queue up 100 transactions to process at one time to combat flooding the network. Transactions are queued up and processed by all network peers like clockwork every 5 minutes. Messages up to 64 characters long can be encoded into the encrypted transaction data to serve as a memo or comment field.
Timekoin Addresses

Timekoin addresses are randomly generated 1,536-bit cryptographic private/public key pairs. The private key remains with the user and the public key is used to decrypt the transaction data created when one user spends to another user. The private key is usually 1,276 characters long. The public key is usually 360 characters long. The public key is the address that one user gives to another user for currency transfer. Private and Public keys are normally converted to Base64 to allow users easier backup and transport of the keys. When converted to Base64, the private key is usually 1,745 characters long. The public key is usually 485 characters long.

Due to the high level of encryption used in Timekoin, user spending addresses are very long. Both the client and server software has a built-in “Easy Key”. The Easy Key feature that allows users to create simple alpha-numeric shortcuts that represent much longer public key addresses. Instead of having to give another user a long string of characters for a payment address, a simple and easy to remember word can be used instead.
Currency Creation

The algorithm for currency creation runs independently of transaction processing. In Timekoin, currency creation is referred to as Currency Generation. Currency is generated in pseudo-random but predictable intervals. During currency generation, Timekoin allows a participating peer to create a transaction that awards itself currency in small amounts of 1, 2 or 3 currency units for example. The maximum amount awarded is based on the amount of time the peer has participated in the Timekoin network. The more weeks the peer has been online and serving other peers, the more it can award itself during the currency generation events.
Generation Rules

Because any peer in the Timekoin network can create currency during a generation event, special rules were setup to help avoid abuse of the privilege.

Election - Any peer that wishes to create currency must be elected by all network peers first. Elections take place at pseudo-random but predictable intervals during the day. If only one peer seeks to be elected, that peer automatically wins. The peer is then added to the Timekoin "Generation List" which contains the public key of all peers allowed to create currency. If more than one peer seeks election at the same time, an election takes place by using a past point in time to seed a random set of letters and numbers. The selected characters are then searched for and counted in the public keys that seek election. The public key with the most matches (points) wins the election.
Offline - Elected peers must continue to produce currency at least once every 2 hours. If the peer goes offline or fails to produce currency within the time window, it is automatically purged from the Generation List. To generate more currency, the peer will have to go through the election process once again and any time status gained from being online is lost.
Internet Accessible - Any peer that wishes to create currency must be Internet accessible by all peers in the Timekoin network.
IP Address Restricted - Any peer that wishes to create currency can only do so from one IP address at a time. This is to combat trying to elect fake or phantom peers.
Slow & Steady - The currency creation concept in Timekoin is to allow any peer to create currency, but in a very slow and gradual fashion. This makes it very difficult to game the system via Botnet or large entity resources (government, corporation, etc.) 


Timekoin currency production rises and falls as time moves forward. This causes periods of high currency creation and periods of low currency creation. This can be better visualized through real-time charts. Timekoin Currency Creation & Transaction Charts
Generation Rates

The amount of currency a peer can create is directly related to the length of time it has been online, processing transactions and communicating with other peers in the Timekoin network. Only Internet accessible peers can request to be elected for currency generation. Those behind a firewall that blocks inbound communication can not be elected.
Time Generating Currency per Generation Cycle
0 - 1 week 1
1 – 2 weeks 2
2 – 4 weeks 3
4 – 8 weeks 4
8 – 16 weeks 5
16 – 32 weeks 6
32 – 64 weeks 7
64 – 128 weeks 8
128 – 256 weeks 9
256 or more 10

Timekoin relies on both RSA Asymmetric Encryption and SHA-256 Hashing to secure transactions, thus freeing up resources to dedicate for securing the network, processing transactions, maintaining transaction history accuracy and creating currency. This unique structure allows for any device capable of database storage, Internet access, and crypt-processing to join and participate in the Timekoin network.
Dedicated Devices

Raspberry Pi - The Rev B of the Raspberry Pi was available for sale February 2012 and immediately users were finding ways to load the Timekoin software onto the device and make it function as a very cheap "appliance" device. This allowed for Timekoin to both further currency spending and currency creation when setup properly. A dedicated image for the Raspberry Pi as an already setup Arch Linux OS and Timekoin software was released a few months later for download from the official website. An article in the magazine "The MagPi". The MagPi later had a one page expo of how the device was being used to run the Timekoin software to challenge the notion that only the fastest devices in the world could keep a digital currency secure and fast.
Dedicated PC - Many users have started to use old, recycled computers to run the Timekoin server software. Timekoin has no minimum specs for users running dedicated computers for the software.
Smart Phones - Android v2.3 and higher smart phones can run the software provided the device has enough space to fit the database and a fast enough Processor and Internet service to maintain the connection to the Timekoin network. 

Operating System Packages

Other developers have built Timekoin packages in the release repository of Ubuntu Linux, i386 build of Timekoin 1.9-deb47 in Ubuntu precise RELEASE compatible with Debian Linux, as well as official executable release for Microsoft Windows from the official website.


Main site:


News Link:

Technical Documents

Technical Workings:
Original Framework Whitepaper:


Client Software:


Server Software:


Still need a good exchange


Timekoin: Charts


Built Into Timekoin Server Software 


Everyone in the Network is One Big Pool 





Hope is enough.
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You need a pull request.