How to buy bsq coin

Greeting !
i just want to trade with bsq coin, how could i do that.

I just play all the video and when i want to fund my trade i find none. Any clues or directions ?


Hey @Castor01, so you are trying to purchase some bsq? You can purchase bsq with Bitcoin.

Here a few wiki articles on funding your wallet and taking a trade

Also see:

Also this, specifying how to buy BSQ.

Let us know if it helps and what you find missing.

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It’s 0.06btc to fund a wallet on bisq ?

You only need to fund a wallet if you are:

  1. planning to make a trade
  2. funding a trade

And even then you don’t necessarily need to fund the wallet. If you take a trade as a “taker” you can just fund the trade from an external wallet. It never has to touch the Bisq wallet, until after the trade. The amount of btc depends on the security deposit as well, it is normally 15% of the trade amount.

You’ll need bitcoin for, the security deposit, trading fees and mining fees.

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So if i understand all this :

  • i put make an order to sell btc and receive bsq ?