How to deal with repeated Tor problems

If you cannot connect to the Bisq network repeatedly and if you have not already setup Bisq (account, funds,…) you can simply delete the data directory and start over again. Be sure to not have BTC, offers, trades, disputes open… when you delete the data directory all data is gone.

If you have already setup Bisq the above option is not recommended. See below another option (restart router) which you could try.

We are investigating what causes the issue but it is likely related to Tor as there have not been changes in Bisq in that area since long and there have not been many such issues but recently they seem to happen more often.
It might be that a onion address or your IP address get flagged by the Tor DDoS protection system (false positive) or other unknown reasons. I have observed when I had a development app which got repeatedly connection problems and I renewed the data directory to get a new onion address that is often solved the issue.
If your IP address got flagged and if you have a normal consumer internet connection a restart of the router will usually give you a new IP address.

Here is a user who run into that issues and I saw it locally for me as well a few times the last days:

If you run from Bisq master (or next version) there is a new shortcut to log Tor network messages. With cmd+t you toggle between logging Tor messages or not. If there are connection problems at startup (tor settings popup shown) then the logging is turned on automatically. Hope that helps to find easier what causes the issue.

Just checking tor mailing lists…

Here is an issue but probably not related…:

Seems there are also network spikes:

If you run a Tor relay node you are qualified to file a BSQ compensation request (40 BSQ)! Bisq wants to support Tor relay operators (of course exit nodes as well but they are not used by Bisq). See:

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The more I monitor the Tor network, the more I see connectivity issues.
Lasting sometimes for hours … and stopping as suddenly as it arises.
(But maybe this is also specific to some periods and/or zones ?)

I observed issues back in Dezember when Tor was DDoSed that I had more connection issues. I think resetting the IP might the first best try. If that does not help deleting the tor files excluding the hiddenservice directory! If Bisq was not setup yet one can delete also the hiddenservice directory and get a new onion address.

We are investigating… would be great if some people who are more closely familiar with Tor could add info…

The number of timeouts was abnormaly high recently :
but things seems to ameliorate in the very next days :