How to download and install

How can I download and install the bisq application for Linux/Ubuntu 64 bit? I think I downloaded the folder and then extracted it, but I see no way to install or run the application, there is no .exe file. I see the folder, the .deb.part and the .deb that comes with it, but then I don’t know how to install and run it. Please help.

You can simply open the console, navigate to the directory where you have Bisq .deb file (for example by typing “cd Downloads”) and type “sudo dpkg -i Bisq-64bit-0.6.4.deb” and your password.

.deb.part file is just incomplete file that you downloaded, that one should disappear after the download is finished, unless you maybe interrupted the download or there was some error while you were downloading the file.

Yes, the .part file does disappear and it looks like I installed it because I was prompted for my password, but after that, I see no way to actually run the application. How do I run the application?

I guessed that “open the console” meant a DOS prompt, so I went to the DOS prompt box and pasted this sudo command and got this:

(Reading database … 394909 files and directories currently installed.)
Preparing to unpack Bisq-64bit-0.6.4.deb …
Removing shortcut
Unpacking bisq (0.6.4) over (0.6.4) …
Setting up bisq (0.6.4) …
Adding shortcut to the menu

and back to the same prompt for the downloads directory. But I cannot find any shortcut or icon or exe file to actually run this application. If I double click on the folder name again, it prompts me to install again, but nothing more.

How do I run this application?

Then it seems like you installed it correctly. A shortcut should be created.
I personally use Gnome, but I assume you use Unity as it by default on Ubuntu installation.
I think that you just need to go to the top left of the screen where you can get a search bar and all of your applications. I guess you should be able to just search for Bisq there.

Okay, thank you, I looked several times in the applications list and finally found it. Much appreciated. How do you learn this command? I don’t see it published anywhere.

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You are welcome :slight_smile:
The dpkg command?
It is just standard way you install .deb packages in Linux. Nothing special.
You can see that by typing “man dpkg” under “-i” argument.