How to enable price relay for an altcoin?

Not all trading pairs get price information from the relays. What determines which do and which don’t? What is needed to add price relaying for an altcoin (in order to enable percent-referenced offers)?

It says here that Coinmarketcap should be used for coins not on BitcoinAverage. Is that still true?

What trading pairs doesn’t have any price information?

This documentation looks pretty outdated.

No price provider: NMC, LBC, SCP, SF… pretty much any low-volume altcoin.

Asking only because it’s annoying as a market maker to have to babysit fixed-priced offers, without ability to set % offers.

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Oh, I see now.
This altcoins (I only took a glance at NMC) have such a low volume that have been delisted from poloniex and I don’t think any price feeder or dev will take much time investigating it.
I guess you would have to DIY if you want these alts to have a price feed, becoming a pricenode maintainer or at least giving them the steps to fed this prices.

Ok, I figured that this might involve running a price node myself. I’m willing to try, but can I run a custom node that servers prices for only some subset of coins (I don’t want to run a full-blown node with expensive API, and too much responsibility, and want to keep request counts for the API service low)?

From the documentation here it seems that there is only one kind of node that is expected to resolve all prices and hence requires a BitAverage API key unconditionally. I can modify the code, but will my node be accepted into the official array of nodes? Are nodes grouped by “capability” so that clients know which nodes to query for which coins?

Some major updates happening on this front:
How to add to this table altcoins that are listed but not in the table (LBC, for example)? Any pricenode operators reading this?

Please make a list with the assets you want to have price relay but haven’t.

It also might help to know which exchanges are more active for this assets. Use only the ones where Bisq is already getting info from, those included at wiki bisq price indices page.

@MnM Thanks. Can narrow the list down to one for now: LBC (LBRY Inc firmly behind listing on Bisq and has paid the DAO fee, btw).

Among the listed sources is: only (L) Coingecko, and that would be good enough:

For reference the only sizeable exchange where LBC is listed on currently is: Bittrex
FWIW, if there is interest in adding their API, I might be able to help, but I won’t be able to pay monthly API fees, though.

Thank you.
I required to feed this price relay, and it won’t be possible due to the very low volume of this asset.

Sorry, I don’t understand your post. What issue is preventing adding LBC price feed from CoinGecko? 24H volume is >$100k. Is CoinGecko charging extra per asset and price node operators are not willing to pay the fee – if so, what is the monthly amount?

I asked here to Bisq ops team. The volume that Bisq is having with this asset is too low.

@MnM thanks for asking them. Do you have their contact info that you could share in a private message (an email address perhaps)? GRIN/BEAM/USDC/etc are not even listed so have zero volume, but the ops operate price relays for them! There’s a communication disconnect happening, because it should cost them nothing to add a price relay for another asset (that’s at least listed and has active offers!) using an existing price provider… and I’m willing to help with whatever development needs to happen and potentially API cost (if it really is increased). Really no grounds to reject LBC but keep serving unlisted assets… give me a chance to talk to them, please.

Contact Wiz at Keybase.