How to execute sale?

I’m running 1.9.8. I want to create a sell offer. I set the amount of BTC. I get a red note that tells me my trade limit. Is this going to prevent it from working? RED means STOP in UI.

Then I multiply times 0% increase. Then, now am I supposed to do the math and enter the amount of $ to receive? What?!?!? That is insane. I entered the amount in BTC, so Bisq should do the math. Why won’t that work. (Fixed: Okay you have to enter 000.0 for some reason and then this works)

Now, what is “Minimum amount of BTC?” What does this mean? Why is there no little “i” info button that explains things in context? You can not expect people to know what the developers have in their minds.

Hi, this video will help you: How To Use Bisq Making A Trade | Keep It Simple Bitcoin

The initial trading limit is 0.1 BTC, you can remove it at settings but I wouldn’t do it until I get more familiar with Bisq, specially with dispute resolution process.

If you place a 0.01 BTC offer at 0%, that means that the price will be the same as in the bisq price index. If you use positive numbers, it will be in your favor (more expensive BTC sell offers). Bisq does the math, unless something else is wrong.

The minimum amount of BTC is the minimum amount of BTC you’re willing to trade. Takers will then have a range of BTC to buy from you. Don’t use huge ranges, as the trading fees are set with the higher amount, and the security deposit will be a % of the higher amount.

Thank you but I already watched the video. The problem was the Bisq UI does not function properly. You must click out and click back several times before the functions (like calculating $) works.

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