How to extend time period for PayID (Australia)?

A payment method which is ostensibly instant in Australia called PayID is given a default time frame of 24 hour in Bisq. In theory, this is more than enough. But it seems numerous banks hold transactions for 24 hours when it’s the first time one has paid a particular receiver. Can the PayID time be extended to 2 or 3 days somehow?

Hi, yes I think this should be ok to be agreed in trader chat, or via mediation if necessary.

Also if the bank is consistently making someone wait over 24 hours maybe a more friendly bank could be considered.

I have not had any trades in mediation with this issue if that helps.

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can bisq be updated to change default time? or would a pull request need to be made?

It could be updated, but there have not been any issues yet. Maybe more a case of your bank rather than PayID.

there’s def been issues, but it hasn’t been my bank, but banks of others who have interacted with me.

Ok, in that case I would recommend you document it as a bug report here: