How to fund your Bisq

It says it’s easy to buy BTC. To buy BTC I need other BTC or BSQ money in wallet. Guess why I am buying BTC? Because I don’t have it… And how to fund BSQ no where shown how to do that, have been all through the application…if somebody can help. Sepa transfer.

Bisq requires you to have BTC to pay for the trading fee and to set a security deposit. To receive BSQ you go to DAO > BSQ Wallet > RECEIVE and there you’ll find an address to send funds to. And you can buy BSQ on the market just like any other altcoin.

@eto checkout for buying your first BTC.

The security deposit is a must in order to prevent scams, even if it is kind of Catch-22.

Why can’t we use alt-coins and simply force exchange at the current market price?

Cash app (square) is also a very user friendly to purchase BTC with bank or debit card. For using debit card instant (once ID verified) it’s a good rate and fees compared to other instant bank purchase methods.

You can buy a small amount there and send it to your Bisq wallet to have enough fees to start trading on the best DEX there is :slight_smile:

Can you elaborate on that?