How to get back seller deposit (solved)


face-palm :confused: turns-out the original payment appeared to return the deposit and maker-fee as change but left the trade amount AND offer in bisq so I was unaware of the partially-funded trade.

I apologize to anyone that spend brain-cells on this issue and going-forward will check the bisq transaction history to note the Maker and Tx fee paid along with trade fee + deposit.

I just cancelled a sell and it occurred to me the .005 deposit is not showing in my wallet but is showing as unspent in another address outside my wallet it was sent to when I submitted the sell offer.

I haven’t withdrawn the original trade amount yet but wondering how to get back the deposit?

Update: I resync’d SPV and still don’t see any trace of the deposit which is sitting unspent in the blockchain. Also curiously the Maker TxId is on the cancelled Offer is returning “not found”.