How to get deposit back?

I was able to restore my wallet. I had a not obvious typo in the seed.
How can I now get back my deposit (or only a part of it)?



I tried bisq (bitsquare) about one year ago. I forgot my password but I have the seed and the date (± 2 days accuracy). Whatever I chose, I cannot make the “Restore wallets” button clickable.
Any idea what I could try?

Is the length of the seed always 12 words or is it always a certain length of characters? Because now, even though I copy pasted it one year ago, I don’t trust my seed words anymore. So, how log is a seed in terms of what?

Thanks a lot!

Do you see the correct balance in Bisq?
Try deleting the SPV chain file by clicking the appropriate button in the Settings and restarting the app twice, if your balance is not correct.

You can also access emergency wallet tool by pressing cmd+e if the problem is in the GUI.