How to import previously existing wallet into Bisq

How can I import my already existing bitcoin wallet into Bisq? I do not want to transfer funds into the pre-generated wallet to avoid transaction fees.

You need to send funds to Bisq wallet, as Bisq needs to know the address it’s using to fund the trades.

to elaborate more on this, bisq does use standard bech32 addresses, but on a nonstandard derivation path, so if you were to import the seed of your existing wallet into bisq you would still see 0 balance. It is necessary to transfer funds to the receive address under Funds > Receive to make bisq access those funds.

So it is not possible, even with access to your keys, to generate or load your own bitcoin into Bisq. Bisq requires that it generate the wallet and then funds be transfered to it. I think I will use haveno IMO.

if for whatever reason your funds in the external wallet are already on addresses that use the same nonstandard derivation path which bisq uses, you can load the seed into bisq and it will see those funds. If they are not on the same derivation path, bisq will not see them, it’s that simple.
Haveno on the other side is a fork of bisq used to trade xmr, so there are no ties with btc on there and I don’t see how switching to it could solve the issue

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