How to import?

Hi guys, I mine ZEC and I use Zcash4mac to store my coins. Recently I’m encountering problems sending out my coins. I am experiencing a lot of errors. What I only have now is the wallet.dat and the private key that is visible through the platform.

I’ve been searching for another wallet service for me to input my private key or import the wallet.dat so I can access them and finally transfer out to a hardware wallet. Does BISQ allow this? If so, how can I do it?

Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately Bisq only manages a BTC wallet, that’s all. And you can only send BTC to this address.

oh… i thought ZEC was an option?

You can still trade ZEC and all the listed cryptos inside the software, but the base currency of the platform is BTC. All the rest is solely managed by the user and only a BTC wallet is used to handle the deposit swiftly although you can do it with an external BTC wallet too.