How to log in my account when using other pc?

I just setup my bisq on my laptop and i like to know how to use my same account in other pc as well ? Cause i found the account is stand alone for each device which mean one device for one account. I can’t log in my account if using other pc or mobile phone.

Well, there are no online accounts to log into or nothing like that. Account is just some information that are written on your PC. So you should be able to just make a similar account on the another PC pretty easily. You when you go to Accounts you will see an “Export accounts” button next to the part you create a new account, the Import button is next to it as well.

There is also no Bisq app for mobile phone yet, you can only use it on PC right now.

Doesn’t using the same Bisq account simultaneously have some risks? For example, if you open one trade in a device and is accepted, how will the other device know about it?

If one navigates away to Forum, how does one get back to ‘My Account’ in order to copy wallet address for example?

Got it! I was looking for a login with the browser (like in central exchanges). But opened the account info in the wallet App instead.