How to make an offer

I wish to make an offer to sell bitcoin for monero. I cant find documentation on how to do this correctly. I have already successfully purchased monero for bitcoin. Is it the same process? Before I do this I would like to make sure I have everything set up correctly. What is a good security deposit? I see 15% but my first purchase has a 60% deposit. Thank you.

Hello. You should go to the SELL BTC tab and click CREATE NEW OFFER TO BUY XMR (SELL BTC). From here the process should be similar to making an offer to buy btc.

I’m not sure I can answer you what a good security deposit is. All I can say is that we can assume the higher the security deposit will possibly attract less traders but they will be more serious. Take a look at the other open offers to have a look at the security deposit they propose.

Thanks! What kind of security deposit do you ask for on offer thats about 1200 USD (0.15 BTC) for XMR?

@Snick2040 Hey, the minimum security deposit is 15% of the trade amount to sell BTC for XMR - however, you can change it to whatever you wish.