How to open account to trade

How do I create a trading act? I cannot find out how. Thx

You need to go to Accounts in the app. There you will be able to create individual accounts for fiat or altcoins.

where can I see detailed instructions? I downloaded the application, encrypted it, but I do not understand what to do next. I have too many questions now. If I saw an example the whole process from beginning to end, then it helped me.

Video tutorial was made just the other day, so you are in luck :blush:

Hello Adamouse,
I’m a future member who’s considering to join bisq. There’s something that i read about the trade/offer that in order for your offer to remain open,my computer has to be kept on. I was thinking of using a separate virtual private server. Can i use VPS , and do you know any member who use it?

Regards, J.B.

I think that you can. As Chris has suggested here

Hello alexe996,
Yes, to run Bisq remotely on a VPS where i can access it from my laptop is excatly how i want to do it.