How to preserve privacy with pseudonymous coins?

Hello everyone, I have a very specific question about pseudonymous currencies such as Bitcoin and Dogecoin. Is there any “tutorial” or “blog” that describes the best using practices in order to preserve our privacy when using such coins?

For instance, I know that I should generate a new address for every new payment I receive. That way noone can guess how much coins I have. But how do I spend them? What if I need to spend coins from multiple addresses? Does it make difference what input I spend?

If anyone knows about an article which addresses these issues (or if you personally know something about it), can you please let me know?

Thank you for your help.
Have a great day.

You can start here with this article by Nopara73, who works on the Wasabi wallet, that talks about managing your outputs.

Then there’s this more dense page that goes in detail about best practices.

To familiarize yourself with the best practices try to follow the Wasabi Wallet, Samourai Wallet, JoinMarket and Electrum Personal Server projects and the people around it.

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There’s also this reddit AMA of a blockchain analyst that came up in another thread recently:

It’s also pretty insightful, in my opinion.

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There’a a privacy section

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