How to proceed?


since yesterday i am trying to buy 0,1 BTC, but it´s stucked in “waiting for blockchain confirmation” and i dont know what to do

please can some adm help me?

transaction ID sipeabv-49ef1123-088a-4d7a-951d-1c997775e106-115


I’d try to verify that the transaction has been broadcast at all. Try to see if it’s in the mempool and restart the application. This thread can be of help if the transaction hasn’t been broadcast: [ISSUE] Transaction not being broadcast.

It would be interesting to know how much fees were used for the tx.

guys, i still dont know what to do to proceed…

here are 2 images, with the taxes and everything:

I dont know what tax is missing to be paid, and what tax i already payed… i would appreciate any help to proceed with this transaction… thanks

help please, adm

Your transaction to take the offer doesn’t seem to have been broadcast. Can you check if it on a block explorer?

i need to know how much (btc) i have to transfer and to what adress… its very complex to understand and pay this taxes

in “funds” / “transactions” it says that i already payed 0,00010560 in taxes… but when i click on the transaction ID it says “transatcion not found”… i cant understand this

Could you begin by opening a dispute by pressing cmd/ctrl+o on the open trades tab?

i will try that… thanks

my arbitrator dont answer my messages…

i want the taxes that i paid back

@m2567 you can request a refund of your trading fees here:


i gave up… i just want to withdraw the money from bisq to my wallet… and even this transaction cant be done

i can only receive funds in bisq… never withdraw… why is that happening???

here is the print link: