How to receive BSQ tokens from the genesis distribution?

Please check out that document with instructions [1] if you have contributed to Bisq and are applying for a compensation request.

Deadline for requests is 14th of July end of July!


EDIT: We postponed DAO launch and extend the deadline to end of July!

We just published an improved application form for applying for the genesis distribution:

Don’t by shy and file a request!

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We will extend the deadline as we have decided to postpone the launch of the DAO due the uncertainties with SegWit2x/UASF.
As soon SegWit is activated and there is no considerable fork risk for Bitcoin we are ready for launching. The Bisq DAO token (BSQ) is a Bitcoin colored coins so in the event of a chain split or other highly disruptive events we would inherit all those problems to the BSQ tokens. Trading on Bisq (with BTC as base currency) might be also disrupted in such events.
So we prefer to wait a bit longer instead dealing with a messy situation.

For the moment we will extend the deadline for requests until end of July.